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Sort of Important Stuff

Actual journal entries are public.

All fic is friends-locked; comment to be added.


Written for Round 1 team submission at

Title: Thirteen Words (a Blackbird's First Primer)
Words: 2,052
Pairing: Alan/Nick pre-slash
Rating: PG
Summary: Demons have no words. Nick has a few.

Thirteen Words (a Blackbird's First Primer)Collapse )

A thought.

You can't do well as an accounting major if you don't appreciate the value of a good spreadsheet program.

But I wonder if my neighbors ever worry about my sanity when they overhear me say, "It's spreadsheet time!" in such tones of excitement.

Tiny pies

It is twelve AM and I have just eaten a fresh apple pie that fit in my hand. It was tasty. How did this happen?

I thought it would be a good idea to make tiny pies and freeze them in preparation for SF's birthday party on Saturday. But the apples that we picked up were of dubious quality -- rather mealy and awfully insipid for granny smith apples. I was concerned that they would yield an unpleasant pie filling that I would be ashamed to share with my peers (even if some of them are my friends).

So instead, I made tiny pies for my family to consume. The filling tasted okay, but I had it hot out of the oven; it may be just as unpleasant as I feared tomorrow morning. We shall see. Although the filling was tasty -- tart and sweet and perfectly spiced -- it didn't taste particularly of apples, which bothers me, and seems to validate my concern about their insipid flavor.

Still, the pies are cute, if not pretty, and I'm sure my family will eat them up. (Pictures may follow)

NaNo again!


I can't seem to upload the winner pic thingie. Oh well.

I won with another het story that has no sexy time in it, further proof that the '07 story used up all the pr0n-and-slash writing impulse by itself. This story is the perfect example of what happens when you let backstory get out of hand. It was just going to be one short story. It will be at least two novel-length chunks of nonsense.

The best thing is that I made it to 53,093. Well over 50,000. The worst thing is that it doesn't have a real title; the working title is 'Your Father - Tatran', which is descriptive, but hardly catchy. Perhaps 'Blood Crown', which is at least melodramatic enough to match the silly story.

Anyway, I won! Yay!


More NaNoWriMo Stuff

Remember how I scrapped the old idea and was suddenly almost 10k behind in the first week? The good news is, I'm not behind any more. The novel's really going... well, it's really going. That's the bad news. I'm at an unofficial 43,995 but this sucker is barely half done. AARGH!

At least it's fun to write. And I will definitely make it to 50k.

I'm planning to hold off on the actual verification until November 30th, even if I do write more than 50k, just because I think it'll be a good incentive to keep me writing until then. No purple bar or winning treats until the story is completely done!

The best part about this year's story is that I get to reference all my favorite and obscure fairytales. Fairytales referenced so far:
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • An Appointment in Samarrah
  • Three Tasks (I don't know what it's actually called, but it's a standard form)
  • The Goose Girl
  • As Shining as the Stars (not sure about the name of this one, either)
  • Boxes (the one about the box of feldspar vs. the box of diamonds)
  • Tam Lin

I tried to work in Cinderella, but I forgot that I'd left the 'hook' for it in there, and it didn't work out.


Yeargh! I tossed the seal-girl idea because it was going exactly nowhere, even with a full complement of characters and ninjas. Am now writing the original idea, about what happens when destiny serves Prince Charming a kick in the balls: he turns out to be 100 years too early to save his princess.

I am 10k words behind, but hopefully not for long! Also, I have an exam tomorrow, and will take a 3rd try at passing the calculus gateway. Must remember to send investment assignment to group and print out copies to turn in.

Today I ordered a cool new watch for myself, having been watchless for nearly six months now -- it will be nice to be able to tell the time. I should also say that Sandpaper Face and I are now at 1 year, which is awesome.
I'd just like to say:
Horn Section Bake Sale!!
Tuesday, September 8, 9am to 3pm at the UH Music Department.

All kinds of cookies and cakes and treats for sale! Help us cover incidental costs for our members!

Fan craft again; Alan's talisman

Dreamcatcher. Crystals. Tiny bones! It's all here, done in black and cream thread.

Brought to you by clever advice and polymer clayCollapse )

Thanks to:
  • zumie_ashlen, who suggested making the tiny bones. Rather than killing a small animal for them, or something.
  • All the guys that taught me to use a craft knife to carve plastic.

That's SF's Christmas Gift Sorted.

Check out this flip-top zombie shirt! Scary, and also scary awesome.

Zombie Shirt on Neatorama

It doesn't come in women's sizes though... Probably for the better.